Welcome to our church web site!  We are glad you found us and we hope you find this site to be helpful. If you are looking for a church that follows the traditional Divine Service, with solid hymnody, true and proper preaching of God's word, the faithful administration of the Sacraments and warm fellowship, we think you will find it here at St. John's.  Come and see!


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Sunday School Rally Day

Our Fall Sunday School Session begins September 13, 2020 at 9:00am in the Fellowship Hall for both adults and children.

Children ages 3 to 10 will meet with Mrs. Leitner and continue our study of God’s chosen people found in the Old Testament.

Students who attended catechism class last year will begin their 2nd year of catechism with a study of Luther’s Small Catechism taught by Mr. George Leitner.

Adults will meet with Pastor Taylor.

On the 13th we will also have a brief reception at 9:45 with refreshments and the children of the congregation will receive a special gift.

Please join us as we Grow Together in our Faith at St. John’s Lutheran Church.