When I visit

What are our services like?

Our services are traditional.  We alternate each Sunday between Divine Service I & III from the Lutheran Service Book (LSB).  The service is all printed out in the worship folder so it is easy to follow, especially for visitors who might not be familiar with the service.

We sing a variety of hymns from the Lutheran Service Book (LSB).  Our pastor chooses the hymns to support the general theme of the service which is determined by the Gospel reading for the day.  

How do people dress?

Dress tends to be casual.  However, modest descretion is advised and appreciated since the sanctuary is the house of the Lord. 

How often is communion celebrated?

In keeping with the practice of early church and to receive weekly the full measure of God's gifts of grace, we celebrate in the Divine Service Holy Communion every Sunday. 

Can I take communion?

The Lord's Supper is a Gospel gift.  It is given to strengthen faith and forgive sins.  It is also an expression of the unity we enjoy in the Church as we are of "one mind."  St. Paul admonishes those who commune to "discern the body of Christ in the Sacrament."  Thus, instruction in the Word is necessary prior to one receiving the body and blood of Christ.  Therefore, those who commune at the Lord's Table should be properly instructed and they should be in agreement in doctrine and practice.  We ask that those who are not Confirmed members of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, or, of another church body with whom we have pulpit and altar fellowship, refrain from taking the Sacrament.  This practice is often referred to as "closed" or "close" communion, which was the practice of the early church and has long been the practice of orthodox Christianity.  Any questions regarding our communion practice may be directed to our Pastor.

Where do I park?

There are two small lots at the church.  You enter one of them off of 39th Street.  You enter the other off of Ave L.  You may park in either lot. If the lots are full when you arrive, please feel free to use street parking.  Ave L will have less traffic and is generally easier to use for street parking.