Stuckwisch Family Updates

The Stuckwisch family, who are members of our congregation, are living in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, where Zach is studying to become an LCMS Pastor. Their journy began June 2024. This page is for updates sent to us by Zach, and/or Rebecca. We hope you enjoy following along with them on their journey.

June 10, 2024

Dear Pastor Taylor

Please share this message with the congregation, as you see fit.

Greetings from Fort Wayne, Indiana!

I have just finished my first class and chapel service here at the seminary this morning, and will be attending student orientation this afternoon. After nearly a year of preparation, my study and formation here have begun!

As I give thanks to God for bringing me to this day, I also want to take the opportunity to thank my church family in Christ at St. John. For all of the love poured out on my family and me during our years there, and for the continued support both financially and in prayer, I am eternally grateful. The work of the Holy Spirit is clearly evident in His church, and my words cannot adequately express what a great blessing and encouragement that is to me in particular as I prepare for pastoral ministry.

By the Grace of God I aim to be a faithful steward of the gifts of money and time I receive while here at the seminary. I consider your support to be no less than God's own provision to help me diligently focus on being instructed and strengthened in His Word at this time.  In appreciation, I will do my best to send notes and updates throughout the months and years ahead. I also look forward to opportunities to return and visit with you all in person as God grants them!

Rebekah also sends her love and thanks. In particular she would like to share that we were able to purchase a van which will give her freedom to explore and enjoy the area while I am in classes, along with room to comfortably fit our little Madeleine once she is born. This was thanks in no small part to the gifts we received from the congregation before we moved, yet another blessing from the Lord's hand!

May the grace and peace of God be with you all!

In Christ,
Zach Stuckwisch